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Welcome to YearMap!

YearMap is the only planner and academic planner you will need! Are you constantly busy, working, running around and struggling to stay on top of everything life throws at you?

Then look no further than YearMap to help organise all the different elements of life.

Which YearMap?

You will find we have several versions of YearMap. We know that all of us are different and after working in Education for so long I have found that I prefer to run on an academic calendar so an academic planner works for me. So you will find we have YearMap Careers Edition planner which runs from August to September. We then have our YearMap Annual planner which runs through a typical year so from January to December.

YearMap Careers

We wouldn’t be a careers service if we didn’t put our own unique twist on the popular YearMap Academic Planner would we? You can now find YearMap Careers which has all the features of our YearMap Academic Planner but it also has an added section to support your work within Careers Education. You will find information, hints and tips on the Gatsby Benchmarks. Pages of useful websites split into industries that you can pass on to your students and space to record notes and ideas that you have.

Updated for 2023 with gorgeous new covers!

Online Now The YearMap 2023 Careers Edition!

You can now purchase The YearMap 2023 Planner from Amazon.

The YearMap Careers Academic and our Academic Planner are also available online.

All come in hardback and paperback and are live on Amazon now!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah, a busy mum of two very lively children who never seem to stop. I have worked in Education for over 20 years and work as a careers adviser and company director of Above and Beyond Careers.

As a single mum for most of my children’s childhood and working over 30 hours a week I had to be organised with finances, childcare, meals and all the other fun stuff that makes life great.

I have learnt how to meal plan, how to plan my time and budgets so that we can go on the fun days out and holidays. We even bought a campervan! You can follow our adventures over on social media and hopefully a little bit of my wisdom over the years can be found in the pages of YearMap.

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