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Choosing Your GCSE Options

The first book to be published by Above and Beyond Careers in 2021 is now available on Amazon Kindle as an Ebook. Retailing at just £3.99 this book has everything you might need to help you to make your GCSE choices. With top tips and advice on how to make decisions through to information about some of the most common GCSE subjects and how they may help you in the future. Click here for more information.

Choosing Your Post 16 Options

If you thought choosing what to study at GCSE was difficult, choosing your post 16 options is a minefield. There are BTEC’s, A levels, T Levels, Apprenticeships and a host of other qualifications to choose from. Not to mention do you head to college, a school sixth form or a sixth form college? What will you need to study and what do you want to study? This short guide will help parents and students navigate the world of Post 16 options. Coming July 2021.

Choosing Your Post 18 Options

You may have gone to study A levels, or a T level; or you might have learnt a trade. So what now? At 18 you no longer need to stay in education. You could look for a job or an apprenticeship. Maybe university is the right path for you? This short guide will help you to understand the different options, provide you with useful places to get more support and provide you with information on funding options. Coming September 2021.

I found the book a great stimulus for a conversation with my teen. It really helped her to clarify her GCSE option choices and helped me to understand what was available.”


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