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We are more than just a local careers advice service. We sometimes like to write about Careers Education and personal development. Here is a pick of some of our blog posts!

National Careers Week 2023

What is it? National Careers Week happens every year and it is a week dedicated to celebrating Careers Guidance in the UK. There are lots of free careers resources and webinars happening in school time and in the evenings next week that students, teachers and careers professionals can use. Why is it important? National Careers…

World Health Day 2022

It is World Health Day today. In recent years this has probably gone a little unnoticed but with the increasing focus on health since the pandemic it may not pass under the radar! But it is an excuse to talk about green careers and careers in health!

Autism and Employment

It is National Autism Awareness Week 2022 and with over 700,00 Autistic adults and children in the UK it is time we realised their full potential.

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